Evan Renov is a Partner at Beechwood Ventures and Managing Partner with Arieli Capital. He is also President of Beechwood Entertainment, where he is a Tony Award nominated producer. Evan currently serves on the board of SNÉ, Moonbow Ventures, Zoomd Ltd, and Flow Aid. Evan holds a B.Sc. in finance from Yeshiva University (cum laude), where he served as President of the Sy Syms School of Business and earned his MBA from Tel Aviv University and the JL Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Evan Renov

Managing Partner

Or brings over 17 years of experience in early stage tech ecosystems from the silicon Valley and Israel. As head of Arieli Ventures Or works with leading banks, industry brands, governments and academia and leads the creation of early stage ecosystems growth and investment platforms generating high net worth portfolios and investment opportunities. Or is responsible for building and leading some of Israel's fastest growing innovation ecosystems and innovation centers in cutting edge innovation center's and ecosystems.

Or Haviv

Partner & Head of Arieli Ventures

Eric holds a Law degree from Sheffield University Law School and brings a robust background as an investment banker from New York. In 2016 Eric co-founded Arieli Capital LLC, a New York-based, holdings and investment company and was responsible for leading investments in tech companies, in an academic commercialization firm, in Sharenett, a New York based multi family offices investment bank as well as co founded international tech hubs, innovation centers and tech accelerators.

Eric Bentov

Managing Partner

Peter Lagonikos is a co-founder and managing partner of Arieli Capital LLC and has more than 20 years of professional and investment experience in business operations, strategy, finance, law, real estate, commodities and management consulting. As part of the Executive team at Arieli, Peter manages the firm’s legal affairs, including responsibility for legal compliance, corporate structuring, contract negotiation as well as strategic business development.

Peter Lagonikos

Co-founder and managing partner

Prof. of Mathematics and Computational Neuroscience : Chief scientist of Israel. Vice-President for Research and Development of Bar Ilan Univ. Chair of the USA-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation. VP of BIU, was in charge of commercialization of patents and is credited for establishing numerous successful startup companies. Advises Universities and governments on the commercialization of IP (Intellectual Property)

Prof. Mina Teicher

VP of Innovation

Ella Alfasi

Head of programs

Devoted to assisting startups to generate a positive global impact, one idea at a time—consulting startups on their business model, GTM strategy, storytelling, and fundraising strategies. Coordinating the precise timing to connect promising startups with international corporate partners, advisors, and investors.

Michael Lavie Salomon

VP Innovation and Business Development