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ShareNett is Arieli latest acquisition:  perfectly positioned to capitalize on the increasing number of family offices and high net worth individuals that desire to commit more capital in co-investments.

  • A global investment network: of the leading American families, institutions and high net worth individuals.

  • A global access to top tier deal flow.

  • World class business development opportunities through the sharenett portfolio.

  • Real estate investment opportunities.

  • Energy investments.

  • Israel's most southern innovation ecosystem.

  • Managing acceleration programs, incubation program, international scale up bootcamp programs.

  • International delegations.

  • Education and special needs programs.

  • Verticals: Travel Tech, Biotech, Renewable energies, FoodTech, sports Tech.

  • The leading Tech Transfer technology platform.

  • The official Technology commercialization operator for the Israeli Council for Higher Education: over 47 Academic/Research/hospital institutions.

  • Arieli is currently in advanced development of its newly established Homeland Security duel purpose investment platform. The HLS investment platform has a vast network of industry leaders and over 35 years of experience in management of both governmental and Private enterprise High-Tech companies. Our mission is to aid & empower dual purposes portfolio companies to achieve more, through active ownership, unique market understanding, strategic collaborations and best-in-class operating team. Together with the leadership and unique ecosystem of our HLS venture formation companies, it provides Arieli the unprecedented ability to provide its investors access to its platform and/or HLS investment platform currently developed to take advantage of the significant investment opportunities presented by the portfolio companies.


  • Israel Ministry of Economy: The Food Tech Accelerator:

  • A national Food Tech ecosystem: working with the top food brands, legal and financial firms, investors and more.

  • Bringing the latest cutting edge food tech startups.