ShareNett connects and empowers its members-only network of 400-plus family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals around the world with unique investment solutions to sustain and expand wealth over multiple generations. ShareNett members collaborate on curated, institutional grade investment opportunities across the global spectrum of private security asset classes.

Featured Verticals & Platforms

Eilat Tech Center’s main goal is to​develop and invest in projects in the Eilat region, focused on high tech, real estate, and innovative ventures. ​It is the representative link between Israel and abroad, with well entrenched Israel business experience, significant presence in Israel, and on-the-ground relationships in the Israeli startup scene.

ClearList offers access to a vast network of investors interested in investing in successful private companies. Even before trading, ClearList hosts a digital roadshow inviting private companies to market themselves to 400+ family offices and institutional buyers. ClearList’s extensive ecosystem of strategic partners and potential investors offers unrivaled opportunities.

Trellis Software is a SaaS platform built to facilitate secure, compliant, and paperless investment in alternative assets from deal sourcing and due diligence through subscription, custody, and monitoring.

SN2E is the leading Tech Transfer technology platform. SN2E is also the official Technology commercialization operator for the Israeli Council for Higher With over 47 Higher Education Academic/Research/hospital institutions.


  • Israel Ministry of Economy: The Food Tech Accelerator:

  • A national Food Tech ecosystem: working with the top food brands, legal and financial firms, investors and more.

  • Bringing the latest cutting edge food tech startups.

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