Mobi is revolutionizing mobility for cities by equipping them with an AI-powered platform to understand mobility patterns, optimize traffic flow, and reduce congestion by >30% across any road network.With rising driver frustration, increasing economic loss from traffic jams, and diminishing air quality from vehicle emissions, transportation authorities have come to understand that building more roads is not the answer and offering alternative modes of transport is simply not enough
the only solution is for cities to fundamentally transform how traffic is managed across a road network.
It’s about transforming traffic operations from simply reacting to congestion after it occurred to proactively monitoring the entire road network and predicting/preempting congestion from ever happening in the first place.
Mobi has created a solution to support this traffic management transformation for both cities and business operators impacted by chronic congestion in high demand areas of interest.
We’ve developed a turnkey, AI-powered SaaS solution that equips policymakers, transportation planners, and traffic controllers with the ability to proactively manage today’s road network and be prepared for tomorrow’s connected-vehicle ecosystem. With real-time predictive alerts, optimization algorithms, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) actionable insights, the platform enables to detect emerging gridlocks, pinpoint their root cause, and take preemptive actions to unlock the grid.
The company has proven commercial success operating in several cities around the world, is at the forefront of innovation in a market valued at tens of billions of dollars a year.
Whether it’s understanding trip patterns and crowds forming to help the State of Israel slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus or predicting and preventing vehicle congestion in Downtown Atlanta in the USA, Mobi is poised to revolutionize mobility for cities across the globe.
Mobi’s team is comprised of experts in business, technology, AI, product development and traffic engineering. Mobi is focused on expanding its operations in the US market.
The current fundraising round will allow it to close a large pipeline of customer opportunities in the US market. Closing these initial US customers will significantly increase the company’s value and help complete an A round from a leading strategic investor within a year.

Dov Garner, CEO

510 5th Ave, New York, NY 10036