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Innovation Centers

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Arieli Capital aims to establish innovation centers to foster collaboration and innovation. These physical spaces are designed to provide startups and entrepreneurs with access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Our innovation centers aim to accelerate the growth of early-stage companies, provide a platform to showcase their products and services, and ultimately contribute to the advancement of technology and positive social impact.


One of Israel's leading desert agriculture facilities, a partnership between Arieli Capital, Ramat Negev R&D center, and Ramat Negev Industries. Frontier has created a groundbreaking agritech innovation center that combines the agricultural assets and know-how of Ramat Negev regional council (an area covering more than 20% of Israel's landmass) with the international business infrastructure of Arieli Capital.

Together, our goal is to identify, validate and scale innovative startups in areas of major impact: agritech, water-tech, environment, and sustainability.

Frontier is becoming a global hub for arid land agriculture. In the past year alone, Frontier hosted guests from around the world including official delegations from Utah, Brazil, and Slovenia in order to build and progress the desert-tech ecosystem.


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