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Our Investment Approach

Arieli Capital strives to create value for the technology investment ecosystem as we identify, invest in, develop, and commercialize select technology assets and unique platforms.

Arieli Capital has created a well-focused methodology for early-stage startup investments, with notable holdings and past exits in the high-tech and life sciences sectors.

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Our Portfolio

An active portfolio composed of impact-driven technology companies

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The traditional process of investing in private funds is tedious, difficult, and expensive. Velvet makes private funds simple and transparent and saves investors time by listing funds at scale, automating diligence, and simplifying the investment process. Velvet helps you easily discover funds, connect with managers, evaluate track records, and make investments on behalf of clients […]


OrbitalIQ is a premier customer enablement technology ecosystem that gives consumers of all venue sizes and operations a one-of-a-kind experience starting with the ticket purchase and continuing through an enhanced event participation. 

Diamante Srl

DIAMANTE (Nano-Technologies for Autoimmune Disease) is a biotech company focused on the use of plants for producing high value-added molecules.


The premier trading solution for private companies and investors

Powerful Medical

Powerful Medical leads one of the most important shifts in modern medicine — to augment human-made clinical decisions with artificial intelligence. 


A livestream shopping platform that brings brands and influencers together to recreate the online shopping experience by empowering the story of your brand.

NGT HealthCare ll

NGT HealthCare II (“NGT”) is an early-stage medical device and life sciences venture capital fund, investing in promising technologies.
NGT enjoys a very significant risk reduction mechanism, by means of high non-dilutive leverage via Israel’s Innovation Authority (“IIA”).

Breath of Health Pharma

BOH was founded in 2020 with a clear mission: to detect cancer in patients and help them receive the optimal treatment medicine can offer.


Mobi is revolutionizing mobility for cities by equipping them with an AI-powered platform to understand mobility patterns, optimize traffic flow, and reduce congestion by >30% across any road network. With rising driver frustration, increasing economic loss from traffic jams, and diminishing air quality from vehicle emissions, transportation authorities have come to understand that building more roads is not the answer and offering alternative modes of transport is simply not enough. is a sleep-tech company that develops solutions to improve people’s health and performance during the day by providing a safer and sounder sleep and an overall healthy lifestyle.


Founded by a Family Office, created and designed for Family Offices, and owned by Family Offices, ShareNett is a members-only global network of professional investors collaborating on curated, quality investment opportunities.  


Leading the digital investment revolution, our software platform provides an end-to-end solution for all participants in private investments.


Guesty is a property management platform for short-term and vacation rentals. Its end-to-end solution simplifies the complex operational needs that property managers face on a daily basis – from guest communication to task assignment to payment processing, allowing property managers to save time and focus on business growth.