Arieli Capital launches OceanTech, a seas and oceans innovation community


OceanTech, a new seas and oceans innovation community, is launching this week with the aim to promote and recruit technologies and startups from Israel that work with the waters across the world. The project was established by Arieli Capital in collaboration with Start-Up Nation Central, universities, research institutes and industry bodies.

“Over 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water that affects every aspect of our lives and our future, from food, transportation, commerce, climate, energy, and more,” said Or Haviv, partner and head of innovation at Arieli Capital. “The field of marine technologies has advanced greatly in recent years and occupies a respectable place among leading economies such as the United States, Canada, China, South America, Europe and more through a variety of industries – aquaculture, shipping and trade, transportation, sustainability and climate, energy and more.”


Or Haviv, partner and head of innovation at Arieli Capital

In line with the launch, there will also be an online event taking place to celebrate the occasion. Speakers and partners at the event will include figures from the Israeli ecosystem including Start-Up Nation Central, the Haifa, Ben-Gurion, and the Hebrew universities, Institute for Marine and Lake Research, and Frontier and Eilat Tech Center Hubs, among others.

“The establishment of the Israeli ecosystem in this field will enable learning to promote and create inter-sectoral collaborations for innovation in the field of the seas and oceans,” Haviv continued. “We also aim to position Israel as an international center for innovation in the field of seas and oceans. We want to promote responsible use of the sea and oceans, protect this precious global asset, and do our part to make sure that future generations can also enjoy this amazing resource we have on earth.”